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Cut from Barn Door Fall 2007

For a number of years, the National Barn Alliance has been publishing a bi-annual newsletter known as The Barn Door.  This publication is mailed to solely to our membership and provides a glimpse into various barn preservation issues, workshops, conferences, and barn tours across the country as well as information on recent NBA activities.

Higher education & the NBA: In 2013, we partnered with the Department of Historic Preservation at the University of Mary Washington (UMW) in Fredericksburg, Virginia, to highlight historic barns and farm buildings in the area. Check out the resulting report including student-led investigations from Professor Michael Spencer’s Agricultural Preservation Class: 2013 NBA/UMW Publication.

Preservation partnerships & the NBA: In 2016, we partnered with the Preservation Trades Network (PTN) at their International Preservation Trades Workshop on the historic Clermont Farm in Berryville, Virginia. The NBA partnered with some AMAZING local barn owners and historians to lead a barn tour in the area, publishing a study guide/booklet.

We are always looking for more content to add to our publications! In addition to The Barn Door, we have a blog called The Barn Journal in honor of all the hard work of NBA’s Past President, Charles Leik.  If you have a barn story worth sharing, please consider sending it our way and be sure to include a few photographs for good measure!  Preference will be given to NBA members, but we also like to reach out to new groups and individuals with similar interests.  If you are interested in submitting an article or barn preservation story to the NBA, please review our submission guidelines and contact us at for additional information regarding NBA publication policies.

NBA’s Bi-Annual Newsletter, The Barn Door: For your enjoyment, we have posted several past issues of The Barn Door below, but please be sure to check out our blog, the Barn Journal, and our Facebook page as well.  We might also post your information on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – so help us spread the love of America’s historic barns to as many of our countrymen (and countrywomen!) as possible!!!

The Barn Door, Fall 2007

The Barn Door, Fall 2008

The Barn Door, Fall 2010

The Barn Door, Fall 2011

The Barn Door, Spring 2011

The Barn Door, Spring 2013

The Barn Door, Fall 2013

The Barn Door, Fall 2014

The Barn Door, Fall 2015

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