About the National Barn Alliance

Encouraging and Supporting Barn Preservation Across America

Mission of the National Barn Alliance

To provide national leadership for the preservation of America’s historic barns and rural heritage through education, documentation, conservation, and networking.[/box]

We are a nation-wide, non-profit organization coordinating preservation efforts to save America’s Historic Barns. Our members are farmers and city dwellers, students, historical groups, timber framers, and lots of folks who just love barns.

We fulfill our mission to provide national leadership for the preservation of America’s historic barns and their rural heritage by:

  • Encouraging documentation of historic barns and other rural structures through survey and photography;
  • Supporting educational programming and materials related to barn and farmstead preservation;
  • Encouraging the creation of and support of existing state and local barn preservation organizations and preservation programs;
  • Facilitating the sharing of information on barns, their history and their maintenance by connecting members and specialists during events, conferences, and social media.

NBA’s Guiding Principles for Barn Preservation in America:

(in order of preference)

1)      Document: in all cases, written and visual documentation should occur, as structures and their settings are fragile. In some cases, this may be the only recourse for a threatened barn or farmstead.

2)      Preserve original character of barn; new use within historic context.

3)      Preserve entire structure on new site.

4)      Make most efficient use of materials through reconstruction or recycling.

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Join the National Barn Alliance and help protect America’s fast-disappearing rural heritage! Dues are reinvested into the organization and its mission to preserve America’s rural heritage. The NBA has no paid staff members and is run by a group of dedicated volunteers. Members receive periodic newsletters and invitations to our sponsored and affiliated events.

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Board of Directors

Michael Spencer, VA – President

Chuck Bultman, MI – Vice President

Danae Peckler, KY/VA – Treasurer

Michael Cuba, PA – Secretary


Keith Cramer, NY

Jim Prager, CA

Bob Sherman, IL

Don Truax, IL

Michael Woodford, NY