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Barn-Alliance-Winter-Meeting-Publication_2013-coverLearn about three fascinating, historic properties located in Fredericksburg, Virginia that were researched and documented by students from the University of Mary Washington, Historic Preservation Department. This joint publication, showcased at our 2013 Annual Meeting, was produced with the university and shares building documentation, as well as archival and forensic research, of these agricultural treasures.

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The Barn Door

The NBA publishes a bi-annual newsletter known as The Barn Door. This publication is mailed to solely to our membership and provides a glimpse into various barn preservation issues, workshops, conferences, and barn tours across the country as well as information on recent NBA activities.

Past Issues of The Barn Door

The Barn Door, Fall 2017/Spring 2018

The Barn Door, Spring 2016

The Barn Door, Fall 2015

The Barn Door, Winter 2014

The Barn Door, Fall 2013

The Barn Door, Spring 2013

The Barn Door, Fall 2012

The Barn Door, Spring 2011

The Barn Door, Fall 2011

The Barn Door, Fall 2010

The Barn Door, Fall 2008

The Barn Door, Fall 2007

We are always looking for more content to add to our publications as well!   In addition to The Barn Door, we have also started our own blog and called it The Barn Journal in honor of all the hard work of NBA’s Past President, Charles Leik.  If you have a barn story worth sharing, please consider sending it our way with a few photographs. Preference will be given to NBA members, but we also like to reach out to new groups and individuals with similar interests.  If you are interested in submitting an article or barn preservation story to the NBA, please review our submission guidelines and contact us at for additional information regarding NBA publication policies.

The e-Barn Door

We also produce an electronic newsletter when there is good barn news worth sharing! It is free and available to everyone on our list.

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