Imagine a landscape without barns? No? Then join us in saving them!

Yellow Barn

This beautiful barn outside of Erie, CO, is endangered. And due to real estate crash slowing development, has been given a reprieve. For now. In high growth areas near cities and resorts, new development is literally consuming the historic rural landscape.

As age, obsolescence and sprawl take their toll, barns are disappearing from the American landscape at a tremendous rate. There are more than 55 million people and 80 percent of our landscape is rural. It is a diverse landscape including farmsteads and ranches. The National Barn Alliance is working with state, local, and national partners to strengthen efforts to document and preserve these icons of our rural heritage.

Are you passionate about barns as we are at the National Barn Alliance? Yes? Our historic barns need an advocate. And that advocate be you. Join us as member.

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Thanks to barn enthusiast and photographer, Shaun Dalrymple, for sharing his “Yellow Barn” photograph with us.