Barn Activities

Learning is doing! Join in the fun!


The best way to learn is by doing! Join the National Barn Alliance with hands-on activities, classroom lessons, puzzles, and great barn books. Observe the unique characteristics of a barn or experience the time-honored process of building one and see beyond the boards to why America’s barns are so important.



Teamwork & Timbers

An education program where students of all ages can erect a quarter-scale, timber-frame model barn.  The NBA is connected to three different models that include a Dutch barn, a Mid-Western barn, and a New Englad barn. These 3-D hands-on, life-size puzzles routinely travel to classrooms to demonstrate historic construction techniques while challenging students to use their math, science, and engineering skills.

Watch a Teamworks & Timbers model in action

Watch the short film, Building The Dutch Barn


Student Resources

These classroom and student activities are directed towards youth in grades 4-12 and cover areas such as math and social studies.

A wide range of activities are available including:

  • “Building a Barn Without Nails”
  • Timber framing vocabulary
  • Word search & crossword puzzle
  • Extension activities that take students outside the classroom
  • Barn poetry
  • Experiencing a barn raising


Barn Books for Children

Enjoy some time well spent by sitting down with your favorite kid and reading them a book about barns! These books are available at major book retailers and online, but please check with your local book store first!




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