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Looking to fix and preserve a historic barn? We want to help! Whether you are looking to do it yourself, hire a contractor, or need to find financial assistance, the list of resources below can help you maintain your piece of American history.

There are three listings on this page, the first of which is a list of “Best” barn books geared toward the study of historic barns, farm buildings, and agricultural landscapes.

The second listing is for children of varied ages and the third is a thorough accounting of barn books, including chapter titles, to assist the serious researcher in finding relevant information.

Selected “Best of” Barn Books

The following is a well-researched selection of literature on historic barns and farming made by Bob Sherman. Last updated on 1/25/2021.

Abbott, Louise & Niels Jensen: The Heart of the Farm/Le Coeur de la Ferme: A History of Barns and Fences in the Eastern Townships of Quebec; [Canada], Price-Patterson Ltd., (2008).

Apps, Jerry and Allen Strang: Barns of Wisconsin; Tamarack Press, Madison, Wisconsin, (1977 & 1995 editions).

Apps, Jerry and Julie Sutter-Blair: The Wisconsin Traveller’s Companion; Wisconsin Tales and Trails, Madison, (1997).

Arnett, Jan Corey: American Barns; Shire Publications, Bloomsberry, New York, (2013).

Arthur, Eric & Dudley Witney: The Barn, A Vanishing Landmark in North America; Feheley Arts Co., Toronto, (1972).

Artley, Bob: Once Upon a Farm; Pelican Publishing Co., Gretna, Louisiana (2000)

Babcock, Richard & Lauren R. Stevens: Old Barns in the New World; Berkshire House Publishers, Lee, Mass., (1996).

Ball, Bernice M.: Barns of Chester County, Pennsylvania; Chester County Days, West Chester, Pa., (1974).

Charles, F. W. B.: The Great Barn of Bredon; [U.K.] David Brown Book Co., Oakville, Ct. (1997)

Darley, Gillian: The National Trust [British] Book of the Farm; Crescent  Books, N.Y., (1981).

Dean, Virgil W.: Kansas History, A Journal of the Central Plains  (Vol. 22, No. 1, 1999)  Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka.

Dornbush, Charles E.: Pennsylvania German Barns; Allentown, Pa., Pennsylvania German Folklore Society, (1956).

Endersby, Eric, Alexander Greenwood, David Larkin & Paul Rocheleau; Barn, The Art of a Working Building;    Houghton Mifflin, Boston, (1992).

Ensminger, Robert F.: The Pennsylvania Barn, Its Origin, Evolution, & Distribution in North America  John Hopkins Univ. Press, Baltimore, (1992); second edition (2002).

Fink, Daniel: Barns of the Genesee Country, 1790 – 1915; James Brunner, Geneseo, N.Y., ( 1987).

Fitchen, John & Gregory D. Huber: The New World Dutch Barn; Syracuse Univ. Press, Syracuse, N.Y., (1968 & 2001 editions).

Gehhard, Torsten: Alte Bauernhauser.Verlag Georg D. W. Callweg, Muchen, [Germany] 1979 [in German]

Glass, Joseph W.: The Pennsylvania Culture Region, A View from the Barn; UMI Research Press, Ann Arbor, (1986).

Glassie, Henry: Barn Buildings in Otsego County, New York; Folklore  Institute Indiana Univ., Bloomington, (1974).

Gorczyca, Beth & B. Miller: Ohio’s Bicentennial Barns; Wooster Book Co., Wooster, Ohio, (2003).

Griswold, James W.: A Guide in Medieval English Tithe Barns; Peter Randall Publisher, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, (1999).

Hanou, John T.: A Round Indiana, Round Barns in the Hoosier State; Purdue Univ. Press, West Lafayette, (1993).

Harris, Richard: Discovering Timber-Framed Buildings. Shire Publications, Ltd., United Kingdom (1978).

Hart, John Fraser: The American Farm, How Farming Shaped the Landscape of America; Barnes & Noble, (1998).

Harvey, Nigel: Old Farm Buildings. [U.K.]  Shire Publications, Ltd. United Kingdom (1975).

Huber, Gregory D.: The Historic Barns of Southeastern Pennsylvania: Architecture & Preservation, Built 1750–1900; Schiffer Publishing, (2017).

Hughes, Graham: Barns of Rural Britain; Herbert Press, London, U.K., (1985).

Jordan, Tim: Cotswold Barns; [U.K.] Tempus Press, Stroud, Gloucestershire, U.K. (2006)

Kane County Urban Development: Midwestern Vernacular Farm Structures in Kane County, Illinois, Geneva, IL, (1980).

Keitham, Mary: Michigan’s Heritage Barns; Michigan State University Press, East Lansing, (1999).

Kirch, Larry & Jim Heinlen: The Round Barns of Winona County, Minnesota, and Environs; Sugar Loaf Press, Winona, Minneosta (1998)

Kirk, Malcolm: Silent Spaces, The Last of the Great Aisled Barns; Little Brown & Co., Boston, (1994).

Larkin, David: Farm, The Vernacular Tradition of Working Buildings;  Monacelli Press, New York, (1995).

Lowwe, Ludwig: Schlesische Holzbauten; [Silesian Wood Buildings] Werner-Verlag, Dusseldorf, (1969). {in German]

Lydan, Stryd & Hendre-Wen: Welsh Cruck Barns; National Museum of Wales, Cardiff (1994)

Marsh, Robert: Barns of Kansas; Kansas Electric Cooperative, (2002).

Marshall, Howard W.: Folk Architecture in Little Dixie, A Regional Culture in Missouri; University of Missouri Press, (1981).

Marshall, Howard W.: Barns of Missouri, Storehouses of History; Missouri Electric Cooperatives, Jefferson City, Mo., ( 2003).

Marshall, Jeffrey L. & Willis M. Rivinus: Barns of Bucks County;  Heritage Conservancy, Doylestown, Pa., (2007).

Martins, Susanna Wade: Historic Farm Buildings; B. T. Batsford, Ltd., London, U. K. (1991).

Moffett, Marian & Lawrence Wodehouse: East Tennessee Cantilever Barns; University. of Tenn. Press, Knoxville, (1993).

Montell, William Lynwood & Michael Lynn Morse: Kentucky Folk Architecture; Kentucky Bicentennial Bookshelf, Univ. Press of Kentucky, (1976).

Noble, Allen G. (Editor): Wood, Brick & Stone, The North American Settlement Landscape Vol. 2 Barns & Farm Structures; Univ. of Mass. Press, Amherst, Mass., (1984).

Noble, Allen G. & Hubert G. H. Wilhelm: Barns of the Midwest; Ohio U. Press,  Athens, Ohio, (1995).

Noble, Allen G. & Richard K. Cleek: The Old Barn Book, A Field Guide to North American Barns & Other Farm Structures; Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, N. J., (1995).

Plowden, David: The American Barn; W. W. Norton, New York, (2003).

Poortvliet, Rien: The Farm Book; [Netherland] Harry N. Abrams, New York, (1980).

Porter, John, and Francis E. Gilman: Preserving Old Barns: Preventing the Loss of a Valuable Resource; 2nd edition, Jetty House Publishers, New Hampshire, (2019).

Pottler, Viktor Herbert; A;lte Volksarchitektur:  Old Folk Architecture] Sonderausgabe Wein, Austria, (1984). [in German]

Radojkovic, Jon: Barns of the Queen’s Bush; [Canada] Brucedale Press, Port Elgin, Ontario, (2001).

Roberts, Warren E.: Log Buildings of Southern Indiana; Trickster Press, Bloomington, Ind., (1984 & 1996 editions).

Roe, Keith E.: Corncribs, In History, Folklife, & Architecture; Iowa State Univ. Press, Ames, (1988).

Schepers, Josef: Haus und Hof Westfalischer Bauern; [in German] Westfalisches Frelichtmuseum, Detmold, Germany (1994).

Schaefer, Vincent J.: Dutch Barns of New York, An Introduction; Purple Mountain Press, Fleischmanns, N.Y., (1994).

Schumm-Burgess, Nancy: The Barns of Lake County; Land Conservancy of Lake County, Illinois, (2004)

Shoemaker, Alfred L. & Don Yoder: The Pennsylvania Barn; Pennsylvania  Dutch Folklore Center, Lancaster, Pa., (1955).

Sloane, Eric: An Age of Barns; Ballantine Books, New York, (1967 & 1973 editions).

Slocombe, Pamela M.: Wiltshire Farm Buildings 1500 – 1900; Devizes Books Press, Wiltshire, England, ( 1989).

Soike, Lowell J.: The Round Barns of Iowa; Penfield Press, Iowa City, (1983).

Stevens, John R.: Dutch Vernacular Architecture in North America, 1640-1830; Society for the Preservation of Hudson Valley Vernacular Architecture, West Hurley, New York (2005)

Thiede, Klaus: Alte Deutsche Bauernhauser. Durck, Von J.F. Steinhopf, Stuttgart, 1963 [in German]

Triumpho, Raichard: Round Barns of New York; Syracuse University Press, (2004)

Van Ravenswaay, Charles: The Arts and Architecture of German Settlements in Missouri, A Survey of a Vanishing Culture; Univ. of Missouri Press, Columbia, Mo., (1977), 2nd edition (2007).

Visser, Thomas Durant: Field Guide to New England Barns and Farm Buildings; Univ. Press of New England, Hanover, New Hampshire, (1997).

Vocational Agricultural Teacher’s Association of  Kentucky:  Barns of Kentucky; Donning Company, Virginia Beach, Va. (2001)

Vlach, John M.: Barns; W. W. Norton Co., New York, (2003).

Weaver, Will & Doug Ohman; Barns of Minnesota; Minnesota Historical Society Press, (2004).

Children’s Barn Books

Adler, Carole S.: Good-Bye Pink Pig; Avon Books, 1980.

Adler, Carole S. Shelter on Blue Barns  Road; Atheneum  Books, 1981.

Adler, Carole S.: The Horse Whiskey; (An Avon Camelot Book), Camelot Books, 1996.

Amery, Heather: Barn on Fire, (Osborne Farmyard Tales); Educational Publishing Co., 1994.

Andrews, John: Year of the Barn Owl; J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd., 1991.

Artley, Bob: A Book of Chores, As Remembered by a Former Kid; Iowa State University Press, Ames, Ia., 1989, 100 pp.

Atwell, Debby: Barn;  Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, 1996, 31 pp

Auerbach, Annie: A Day at the Barn; Simon Spotlight Publishers,

Baglio, Ben M.: Bears in the Barn; Scholastic Publishing Co., 2001

Beeke, Jemma: The Rickety Barn Show; Doubleday Book for Young Readers, 2001.

Behling, Norvia: The Quotable Barn Cat; Voyager Press,  2007.

Bernal, Richard: The Little Red Barn, (Cuddle Cottage Board); Random House for  the Young, 1995.

Bowden, Susan White: The Barn Cat, Sassy and A Guardian Angel;  (Heroic Animal Tales), White-Bowden Assoc. 1998.

Brown, Margaret Wise & Barbara Cooney: Christmas in the Barn;  Roberta Brown Rauch, 1952,

Brown, Margaret Wise & Felicia Bond: The Big Red Barn;  Harper Collins Publishers,  1989

Burton, Jane: Snowy the Barn Owl; Rand House Books for Young Readers,  1989.

Burton, Robert: The House in the Barn: (Animal Habitat Series)Gareth Stevens Books, 1988.

Butler, Andrea: Jeb’s Barn; ( Let Me Read  Series), Good Year Books, 1996.

Campbell, Julie: Ginny Gordon and the Mystery at the Old Barn; Whitman Press, Racine, Wis., 1954.

Chitwood, Suzanne Tanner: Wake Up Big Barn;

Coates, Belle: Barn Cat; Scribner Publishing Co., 1955.

Coates, Belle  & E. M. Hale: Little Maverick Cow;   Charles Scribner’s & Son, 1957.

Collision, Catherine: Why is a Barn Red, The Little of Big Questions; Detroit Free Press, 1993

Cooper, Jasson: Farm Cats, (Barnyard Friends); Rourke Publishing, 1995.

Copeland, Colene: Mystery in the Farrowing Barn;  Jordan Valley Heritage House, 1991.

Davies, Gill: A Friend for Flash (Tales from Yellow Barn Farm);  Byeway Books, 2001.

Davies, Gill & Tina Freeman: Happy Hen; (Tales for the Yellow Barn Farm), Gardner Books, 2010

Davies, Nicola: Winter Owl, Barn Owl; Candlewick Publishing Co.., 2007.

Earhart, Kristin: Saddle Up Happy, (Big Apple Book; Scholastic Publishing Co.

Earhart, Kristin: Big Apple Barn, Hold Your Horses; Scholastic Publishing Co

Earhart, Kristin: Big Apple Book #1, Happy Go Lucky; Scholastic Publishing Co., 2007

Earhart, Kristin: Big Apple Barn #2, Happy’s Big Plan; Scholastic Publishing Co.,

Earhart, Kristin: Happy’s Holiday, (Big Apple Book); Scholastic Publishing Co., 2007

Earhart, Kristin: A Sassy Surprised (Big Apple Barn, No. 3); Scholastic Publishing Co., 2007

Earhart, Kristin: Roscoe and the Pony Parade, (Big Apple Barn); Scholastic Publishing Co., 2008

Edmonds, Walter D.: Bert Breen’s Barn; Little Brown & Co. (Juvenile Book)

Flower, Phyllis & Cherryl Pape: Barn Owls; (I Can Read Book), Harper & Row Publishers, 1978.

Freeman, Tina: Tales from Yellow Barn Farm; (Read with Me), Brimax Books,  2002.

Hapka, Catherine: Charlotte’s Web, New to the Barn; Harper Collins Publishers,

Henry, Marguerite, Illustrated by Wesley Dennis Justin Morgan Had a Horse; Rand McNally & Co., N.Y; 1954, 170 pp.

Holbrook, Stewart: Down on the Farm, A Picture Treasury of sCouintry Life in America in the Good Old Days; Crown Publishers,  N.Y., 1954, 188 pp.

Jacobson, Jennifer Richard: Andy Shane and The Barn Sale Mystery;  Candlewick Press, 2009.

Kalman, Bobbie: In The Barn;   Crabtree Publishing Co., N.Y. , 1997, 32 pp.

Lettermann, Edward J: Farming in Early Minnesota, Ramsey County Historical Society; St. Paul, 1966, 96 pp.

Levine, Norman: Champagne Barn; (Short Fiction) Penguin Books, 1985.

Lindbergh, Reeve: Benjamin’s Barn;  Dial  Press, 1990.

McClure, Lizzie: Big Blue Barn; Paragon Inc., 2007.

Mitchell, David: Origami Chicken and Other Animals;  Barnes & Noble, 2005.

Morpurgo, Michael: Colly’s Barn;  (yellow Banana Book),  Crabtree Publishing Co., 2002.

O’Brien, Clartre & Tim Archbold: Barn Party; (I am Reading), Kingfisher Publications, 2005.

Parragon Editors: Barn Yard Stories, 10 Tales to Share;  Parragon Inc., 2008.

Perkins, Stan: Spooky Barns and Farmstead, Tales of the Unknown and Unseen; Broadblade Press,  Swartz Creek, MI, 2000.

Perrin, David: Don’t Turn Your Back in the Barn; Dave’s press Ltd., 2000.

Poortvliet, Rien: The Farm Book; Harry N. Abrams, Inc., N.Y. [Netherland’s  Farming]

Reasoner, Charles: Inside Old Mcdonald’s Barn; Tide Mill Press, 2007.

Ripley, Dorothy & Pat Schories: Winter Barn;  Random House, N.Y. 1994.

Robert, Adrian: Secret of the Old Barn; ( A Troll Easy to Read Mystery), Troll Associates, 1985.

Santoro, Christopher: Open the Barn Door; (A Chunky Book “R”), Random House for Young Readers, 1993

Sewell, Helen: Blue Barns, The Story of Two Big Geese and Seven Little Ducks; The Macmillan Co., N.Y., 1933.

Sherrow, Victoria: Huskings, Quilting, and Barn Raisings: Work – Play Parties in Early America; Walker B Co., 1992.

Smiley, Jane: Barn Blind, A Novel;  Fawcett Books, 1993.

Strachan, Margaret Pitcain: Mystery of the Blue Barn Stable;  Ives Washburn Inc., 1970.

Tafuri, Nancy: Early Morning in the Barn; Green Willow Books, 1983.

Tafuri, Nancy: The Barn Party;  Green Willow Books, 1995.

Tuitel,  Johnie, Sharon Lawson & Eduardo Pilande: Barn at Gun Lake; Cedar Tree Publishing Co., 1998.

Tunis, Edwin: Colonial Craftsmen and the Beginnings of American Industry; World Publishing Co.,   N.Y. 1972, 73 pp.

Voight, Virginia: Lions in the Barn; Scholastic Books, 1966.

Wang, Margaret: Kitty’s Barn; Piggy Toes Press, 2005.

Willis, Patricia: The Barn Burner; Scholastic Publishing Co., 2002.

Winnick, Karen B.: Barn Sneeze; Boyds Mill Press, 2002.

Wiskur, Darrell: The Really Bit Barn on “Noah’s” Farm; Master Books, 2001.

Wormell, Mary: Hilda Hen’s Happy Birthday; Harcourt Children’s  Books, 1995.

Yolen, Jane: Raising Yoder’s Barn: Little Brown Publishing, 1998.

Ziefert, Harriet: Noisy  Barn;  Blue Apple Books, 2003.

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Bob’s Complete list of Barn Books

Our sincere thanks to long-time NBA Board member, Bob Sherman of the Illinois Barn Alliance, for sharing this extensive list of true “barn” books! If you would like to suggest a title to him or share a copy of your own work, you can reach him at

This list is alphabetically ordered by author and was last updated in January 2021.

Abbott, Louise & Niels Jensen: The Heart of the Farm/Le Coeur de la Ferme: A History of Barns and Fences in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Price-Patterson Ltd. Publishers, 2008.

Abernethy, Francis Edward: Built in Texas.  Texas Folklore Society (Vol. XLII) University of North Texas Press, Denton, Texas, 1979, 291 pp.

Aldous, Dave: Barns in Saskatchewan. Apex Graphics, Ltd., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1998, (5th printing) 127 pp.

Alig, Joyce L.: Those Magnificant Big Barns in Mercer County of Western Ohio. Celina, Ohio: Mercer County Historical Society, Inc., 1990, 606 pp.

Allen, Lewis F.: Rural Architecture, Bing a Complete Description of Farm Houses, Cottages, and Out Buildings. New York: A. D. Moore., 1892.

Apps, Jerry & Allen Strang (Artist), Barns of Wisconsin.  Madison, Wisconsin: Tamarack Press, 1977, 143 pp. (Revised Edition, 1995, 151 pp.)

Chapter 5: “Fowler’s Folly” pp. 42-48

“Round & Polygonal” pp. 70-71, 76-77, 105

“Octagon” pp. 42, 44, 47, 63.

Apps, Jerry, The Traveler’s Companion, a Guide to Country Sights. Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Tails & Trails, 1997.

[Barn Types, Animal Breeds, Farm Equipment & Rural Structures, Flora & Fauna]

Arnett, Jan Corey: American Barns. Shire Publications, Bloomsberry, New York, 2013.

Arnold, L. B., American Dairying – A Manual For Butter and Cheese Makers. Rochester, N.Y.: Rural Home Co., Ltd., 1879.

Arthur, Eric & Dudley Witney, The Barn, A Vanishing Landmark in North America. Toronto: M. T.  Feheley Arts Co., 1972.

Chapter 5: “Circular & Polygonal Barns”, pp. 146-171.

Chapter 1: “The Dutch Barn”, pp. 36-51.

 Artley, Bob, Once Upon a Farm. Gretna, Louisiana, Pelican Publishing Co., 2000, 128 pp.

Ashly, Wallace, Robert J. Dodge & C. K. Shedd, Modern Farm Buildings. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 1959.

Auer, Michael J., The Preservation of Historic Barns .(#20 Technical Preservation Brief). Washington, D.C., U.S. Dept of the Interior, National Park Service, 1989 Preservation Assistance Division, October, 12 pages.

Babcock, Richard W.  Barns, Roots Of America. Hancock, Massachusetts: Published by Author, 1983, 223 pp.

Babcock, Richard W., Barns in the Blood, Master Builder, Discoverer. Hancock, Massachusetts: Published by Author, 1993.

Babcock, Richard W. & Lauren R. Stevens, Old Barns in the New World, Reconstructing History. Lee, Massachusetts: Berkshire                         House Publishers, 1996, 191 pages.

Badger, David Allen, The Barn Architecture of McDonough County [Illinois]. Badger Publishing, Havana, IL, 1984.
[A Sketch Book]

Badger, David Allen & Valerie Wieland, Barns of Fulton County [Illinois].  Badger Publishing, Havana, IL, 1991, 64 pp.
[A Sketch Book]

Badger, David Allen & Dennis N. Stremmel, Barns of Cass County [Illinois]. Badger publishing, Havana, IL, 1992, 40 pp.
[A Sketch Book]

Badger, David Alan, Whiteside County Barn Tour, 2008, 18 pp.

Badger, David Alan, Whiteside County Barn Tour, 2009, 20 pp.

Ball, Berenice M., Barns of Chester County, Pennsylvania. West Chester, PA: Chester County Day Committee, 1974, 241 pp.

Barber, Ohio C., Anna Dean Farm, Barberton, Ohio, The Story of an American Farm.  Barberton, OH: Barberton Historical Society, 1975. [reprint, originally pub. by the author in 1920]

Barre, H. J. and Sammet, L. L., Farm Structures.  New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Beacham, M.J. A., West Country Tithe Barns.  K.A.F. Brewin Books, Studley, Warwickshire, 1987, 45 pp.

Beacham, M.J. A., Midland Tithe Barns. K.A.F. Brewin Books, Studley, Warwickshire, 1989, 40 pp.

Baer, Morley, California Plain, Remembering Barns, Stanford University Press: Stanford, California, 2002, 106 pp.

Bealer, Alex W. & James O. Ellis, The Log Cabin, Homes in the North American Wilderness.  Barre Publishing, Barre, Massachusetts, 1978, 192 pp.

Chapter 3 “Log Outbuildings”

Bear River Heritage Area, Historic Barns of Southeastern Idaho: A Self Guided Driving Tour.  Bear River Heritage, 2008. [Online publication]

Bear River Heritage Area: Historic Barns of Northern Utah: A Self Guided Driving Tour.  Bear River Heritage, 2008, 65 p. [Online publication]

Belushin, Blandon, Kent C. Dillon & Joan Dillon: Barns of Cape Cod. Arglen, Pa., Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 2007, 176 pp.

Benson, Tedd & James Gruber, Jamie Page (Illustrator), Building the Timber Frame House, A Revival of a Forgotten Craft. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1980, 211 pp.

Bernd, Foerster M., Architecture Worth Saving – Renselaer County, New York.  Troy, N.Y.: Rensselaer Poly-Technic Institute, 1965, 207 pp.  [Stone Barns]

Bernhardt, Marcia & Harold, Barns, Farms and Yarns. Iron County Museum Hahn Publishing Inc., Eagle River, Wisconsin, 1999. [Upper Michigan Peninsula Barns]

Black, Barbara, Barns of Yesteryears. Happy Camp, California: Naturegraph Publishers, Inc., 1993, 64 pp. [basically a picture book]

Boone, Bob, Exploring Barns of Medina County [Ohio] Historical Projects of Medina County, 1987, 244 pp.

Boone, Susan and Cindy Vorce, The Barns of Union County Tennessee.  Boone & Vorce, Jacksboro, Tennessee; 2008, 52 pages.        [a picture book]

Bouland, Heber, Barns Across America. American Society of Agriculture Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan, 1998, 144 pp.

Brown, Virginia S., (Editor), Grundy County Illinois Landmarks, Vol. 1 Grundy County Historical Society, Morris, Illinois, 1981.

Brumbaugh, G. Edwin, Colonial Architecture of the Pennsylvania Germans. Norristown Herald, Norristown, Pennsylvania, 1933.  [Talk delivered at the 41st Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania German Society on October 23,1931.]

Bugge, Gunnar & Christian Norberg-Schultz, Stav og Laft, Early Wooden Architecture in Norway. Arkitekters Landsforbunds: Oslo, Norway, 1969, 169 pp.

Burden, Ernest, Living Barns, How to Find & Restore A Barn of Your Own. Boston: New York Graphic Society, n.d.[1984].

Chapter 1: “Barns Across America” (pp. 2-17)

Chapter 2: “Barns As Architecture” (pp. 18-25)

Chapter 3: “Find a Barn” (pp. 26-33)

Chapter 4: “Inside The Barn” (pp. 34-47)

“Round Barns”: pp 9, 22, 30. “Octagon Barns”: p. 24.

Calkins, Charles F., The Barn as an Element in the Cultural Landscape of North America : A Bibliography. Monticello, Ill. Vance Bibliographies, 1979.

Caravan, Jill, American Barns, A Pictorial History. Philadelphia: Courage Books, 1995, 80 pp. [Basically a picture book of barns]

Carter, Dean G., Farm Buildings. New York: John Wilen and Sons Inc, 1954.

Cartwright, Calhoun, Barns of Puget Sound Country. Cartwright’s Old Time Print Shop, Port Townsend, Washington, 1975, 20 pp. [Sketches by Bill Nelson, Al Logdahl & Carrow DeVries].

Charles, F. W. B. The Great Barn of Bredon [U.K.]   David Brown Book Co., Oakville, Ct. 1997.

Cobb, Hubbard & Betsy, Your Barn House. New York: Henry Holt & Co., 1991, 239 pp.

Committee on Farm Buildings for Scotland., Farm Buildings for Scotland.  His Majesty’s Stationery Office, London, 1946, 90 pp plus illustrated plans.

Cook, Olive, English Cottages and Farmhouses.,  Jarrold & Sons Ltd., Norwich, United Kingdom, 1982, 208 pp.

Corbett-Winder, Kate, The Barn Book, Creative Conversions for Country Living. North Pomfret, Vermont: Trafalgar Square Publishing Co., 1990, 128 pp.  [Barns of England, Scotland & Wales]

Crittendon, Bob, Barn in the U.S.A. Golden, Colo: Fulcrum Publishing, 2006 [Barns of the Western Plains, Mountains & West Coast]

Cunningham, Eileen Smith, Lower Illinois Valley Limestone Houses. Published by the Author, Carrollton, Illinois, 1976.

Barn, pp. 10-11; Eldred Barn, pp. 24-25;  Spencer Barn, p. 34

Cunningham, Eileen Smith, Lower Illinois Valley: Color Me GreenePublished by the Author, Carrollton, Illinois, 1977.

J. E. Grace Farm “Octagonal House & Barn” p. 39

5 gable barn p. 29 & Fry Octagon p. 56

Dandekar, Hemalata C., Robert Darvas & Eric A. MacDonald, Structural Preservation and Adaptive Reuse of Michigan Barns. University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 1993, 171 pp.

Darley, Gillian & Pamla Toler (photographer), The National Trust Book of the Farm. N.Y.: Crescent Books, 1981, 256 pp.
[England’s National Trust]

Davis, Jerry R., Michigan Barns, Et Cetera – Rural Buildings of the Great Lake State.  Tijeras, New Mewico, Artemesia Publishing, 2011, 119 pp.  [A Sketch Book]

Dean, Virgil W., Kansas History, A Journal of the Central Plains. (Vol. 22, No. 1, Spring 1999) Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka.

Deetz, James, In Small Things Forgotten: The Archeology of Early American Life.  Garden City: Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1977.

Dillon Joan, Blandon Belushin & Kent C. Dillon (photographer), Barns of Cape Cod. Schiffer Publishing Ltd., Atglen, Penna., 2007.

Dodds, Eugene, The Round Stone Barn.  Hancock, Mass.: Shaker Community Inc., 1968.

Donaldson, Stephen G., Barns of the Berkshires.  Schiffer Publishing Ltd., Atglen, Penna., 2009, 112 pp.

Dornbush, Charles E., Pennsylvania German Barns, 21st Yearbook of the Pennsylvania German , Folklore Society. Allentown, Pa.: Pennsylvania German Folklore Soc., 1958, 312 pp.

Dregni, Michael, (Editor), This Old Barn, A Treasury of Family Farm Memories. Voyageur Press, Stillwater, Minnesota, 2002.

Duncan, Dorothy, Black Creek Pioneer Village.  Downsview, Ontario: Metropolitan Toronto & Regional Conservation Authority, [n.d.].

Ebbage, Sheridan, Barns and Granaries, in Norfolk [U.K.],   Boydell Press, Ipswich, 1976, 48 pp.

Ekblaw, K. J. T., Farm Structures The MacMillian Co., New York, 1920.

Endersby, Elric, Alexander Greenwood, David Larkin, & Paul Rocheleau (photographer), Barn, The Art of a Working Building. A David Larkin Book, Houghton Mifflin, Boston & N.Y., 1992, 256 pp.

Ensminger, Robert F., The Pennsylvania Barn, Its Origin, Evolution, & Distribution in North America.  Baltimore: John Hopkins Univ. Press, 1992, 238 pp.  [A scholarly book with great information]

Ensminger, Robert F., The Pennsylvania Barn, Its Origin, Evolution, & Distribution in North America.  Baltimore: John Hopkins Univ. Press, 2nd Edition, 2002, 348 pp.  [An even better book than the first edition!]

Faessler, Ernie, Barns From Our Pioneers & Builders of a Nation. Hancock House Publishers Ltd., Surrey, British Columbia, 2005, 72 pp.

Fields, Curtis P., The Forgotten Art of Building a Stone Wall. Dublin, N.H.: Yankee Inc., 1971.

Fink, Daniel, The Barns of The Genesee Country, 1790 – 1915. Geneseo, N.Y.: James Brunner Publisher, 1988, 528 pp.

Interior Arrangements: The Octagon and Other Polygonal Barns”: pp. 369-374

Fischer, Suzanne, Dubois County Interim Report, Indiana Historic Sites and Structures Inventory.  Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1998, 129 pages.

Fish, Gail Curry, Wava G. Haney & June Zalewski, Round Barns of Vernon County, Wisconsin, A Circle Tour. Vernon County Historical Society, 1996, 37 pp.

Fitchen, John,  The New World Dutch Barn. Syracuse, New York: Syracuse University Press, 1968, 178 pp.

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