NBA 2015 Annual Meeting Details!

Charles Hopf Mail Pouch Barn in Martin County, IN. Painting by Gwen Gutwein

Charles Hopf Mail Pouch Barn in Martin County, IN. Painting by IBF member, Gwen Gutwein

As you may have already heard, this year the National Barn Alliance (NBA) will be holding its Annual Membership Meeting in conjunction with the Indiana Barn Foundation’s (IBF) 2nd Annual Meeting and Conference in Indianapolis, IN.  But we don’t want to take away from all the fun of what the IBF has in store!  So we have decided to hold our meeting on the morning of Sunday, July 19th at 9:30 am.

We will be physically getting together at the hotel that morning (Comfort Inn, 3514 South Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN), but – as usual – any NBA member can phone into the meeting via conference call.  NBA members will receive a special email with the details.  Stay tuned!

But if you are considering attending the IBF/ NBA conference in Indianapolis this year, why not become a member of both organizations?!?  We are offering a discounted rate at the conference, and hope that the savings will be a nice way to reward those barn lovers who come out and show their support!  Learn more & register for this great event online by clicking here!

Hope to see you at the Normandy Barn on July 18th!


Don Truax, President, and the NBA Board of Directors

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