Barn Support

Helpful Tools for Preserving your Barn


Looking to fix and preserve a historic barn? We want to help! Whether you are looking to do it yourself, hire a contractor, or need to find financial assistance, the list of resources below can help you maintain your piece of American history.



Barn Repair & Rehabilitation Toolbox

Full of helpful information, our toolbox includes links to basic barn care, advice on moving barns, and technical bulletins on topics such as exterior paint on historic buildings and controlling moisture.


State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)

Every state has a historic preservation office to aid in recording and preserving historic properties across America.  These state agencies maintain an inventory of historic buildings and may have information that will assist in barn survey and documentation. Learn more about the programs available in your state.


Rural Heritage Tourism & Conservation

America’s agricultural heritage can be appreciated by tourists and locals alike. Learn about heritage tourism opportunities throughout the country as well as resources to preserve farm and ranch land.


Financial Support

Find state and local barn organizations that have grants available to help preserve historic barns and learn about additional monies that may be available through federal and state tax credits.

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